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It’s Giveaway Day! (OK, Giveaway Week!)


We’re excited to take part in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day this year.

To celebrate, we’re giving away copies of two of our favorite books: Stupendous Stitching by Carol Ann Waugh and 365 Free Motion Quilting Designs by Leah Day. You’ll love the fiber art techniques Carol teaches and the hundreds of inspiring quilt designs that Leah compiled from her Free Motion Project blog. Thousands of people have enjoyed the Craftsy classes these authors teach online. Creative Girlfriends Press was thrilled to work on their books.



To win, just leave an answer to this question in the comments section below: When you’re buying how-to art and craft books, do you prefer ebooks or printed books?

Thanks for entering! We’ll choose a random post on Monday, Dec. 16. If the winner lives outside the US, we will send him or her ebook versions of the books.

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127 thoughts on “It’s Giveaway Day! (OK, Giveaway Week!)

  1. Printed. I like to look at the book and keep it near when I’m trying a new technique. Thanks.

  2. I prefer printed books, but do love the convenience of instantly having a pattern or book to download and view right away. But I prefer to be able to use the actual book! 🙂

  3. Printed books win hands down. I sometimes surround my self with inspirational books as I’m working so I can look up and see something to motivate me to finish a project as well as I can.

  4. I prefer printed books. An ebook, I’ll forget I own.

  5. I still love printed. I find them easier on my eyes than the monitor. I also love to flip through them and feel the pages and look at the inspirational pictures.

  6. Printed. I want to have color pictures right next to my sewing machine.

  7. I might be old school, but, I love printed books. I like the actual feel of books. I guess that’s why I’m thinking of getting a new book case to hold all my quilting books…..the one I have now is crammed full…..some are from the 1980’s. Thanks for a chance to win these……as they are ones I don’t have…yet.

  8. Printed I think, I really love to hold a book in my hands. I love to be able to have it out on my project table or coffee table, a physical reminder that it’s full of projects and inspiration.

  9. Printed Books. There’s no computer next to my sewing machine and I love a good book with a warm blanket when thinking.

  10. I much prefer printed books. I want to hold them in my hand, bookmark the pages and read on the couch.:) Great giveaway!

  11. i by the book that way i have access to it all the time

  12. I prefer printed the feel of paper! Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  13. I prefer ebooks. We live in a condo and space is limited.

  14. I like printed books. There is nothing like a bog, glossy photo for inspiration.

  15. Printed books – my computer is not always working!

  16. i like a hardcopy to keep nearby when i’m learning something new.

  17. I prefer printed, but I really don’t mind eBooks at all. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I still prefer printed books for crafts and quilting. My sewing room is upstairs. I don’t always like to carry an ereader, laptop or Ipad upstiars. It’s just more convenient to use a printed version. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  19. I prefer printed books – I make notes on the pages & stick markers at patterns I want to make someday. Thanks.

  20. I prefer printed books. I like to look back and forth and back again.

  21. Printed, hands down.

  22. Interesting question! I am trying to convert to ebooks but I really love browsing through a stack of quilting books and comparing patterns. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  23. I prefer printed books. That way they are always at my fingertips and I do not have to worry about loosing them if my computer crashes. I love the colored pages in books vs the computer. The colors don’t always look accurate to me n t he computer. Thank you for the chance to enter your wonderful giveaway. conn_and_vans_mom(at)yahoo(dot)com

  24. I like printed books.

  25. It depends….if it is a book with paper pieced patterns, I like ebooks so I can print out copies of patterns. Otherwise, I always prefer hard copies!

  26. I’m old school, I really like to hold a book. I’ve been wanting Leah Day’s book, hope I win . Thanks.

  27. Printed books for sure. I just don’t get the same feeling out of it if I can’t flip through the pages.

  28. I love printed books, but Im from Argentina, so ebooks are more easy to get here! Thanks!

  29. I like paper books, especially since my e-reader broke!

  30. I prefer printed. Thanks for the nice giveaway. Both these books are on my wish list!

  31. Printed. I love the experience of thumbing through, and I like to be able to follow along the instructions with a book.

  32. Printed books for sure. I need to work on free motion quilting.

  33. I prefer printed books. I always have to fight for screen time, but no one bothers me much when I’m looking at a book.

  34. I prefer e-books. Quilting books tend to be heavy, so it’s much lighter to read them on my tablet. They always stay open flat, and I can zoom in to see details. Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I prefer printed but at times can only afford ebooks.

  36. for crafting/sewing, I really prefer a ‘real’ book.

  37. I much prefer printed books but I appreciate the price of shipping is phenominal!!

  38. I prefer printed books because they are easier for me to use while sewing, especially those that are spiral bound. I do buy ebooks also…love the instant gratification!

  39. Printed for sure. I like to page back and forth and want it in my hands.

  40. Printed book. It is easier to follow directions with a paper copy. I can’t have my computer on my sewing table.

  41. Definitely printed books.

  42. I prefer printed books

  43. I prefer printed books. I like the feel and smell (sometimes) of the pages. I also love full bookshelves 🙂

  44. I much prefer printed books.

  45. I prefer printed but I really like e books, especially if I can get them for my kindle.

  46. I like the printed books best.

  47. I prefer printed for crafts and e-books for reading (fiction).

  48. I prefer printed books as I need to have them next to me as I’m sewing!

  49. I love printed books. I don’t have a table or ipad to use when I’m sewing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Printed books – I want to be able to sit and look at them and not over the computer. Love half-price books.

  51. I usually prefer printed – I still like to curl up with a good sewing book to pore over it and that’s harder to do with the e version. 🙂 Thanks for the chance! I love Leah Day.

  52. I much prefer printed books. THey are easier for me to read.

  53. I prefer printed – it’s easier to work from and I don’t have to worry about my ipad running out of charge.

  54. I prefer printed books. They are easier for me to keep track of.

  55. Printed all the way! I’m old school and like things like talking on the phone and writing letters.

  56. I totally prefer printed books – especially reference books that have sprial binding so they will lay flat as you attempt to recreate what they have done on the pages

  57. I like ebooks! My iPad goes everywhere and its a great tool for patterns!

  58. i prefer printed – much better detail and chance of me pulling it out!

  59. Printed. I am bad about it. I even have a kindle and still purchase printed books. Guess I am just old school!

  60. I like printed books! 🙂

  61. I prefer printed. Easier to flip through for inspiration!

  62. I love printed books. I’m old fashion..I like the smell of the pages and feeling them.

  63. I prefer paper books but I am in Australia so I would be happy to win e books

  64. I use my Nook HD for reading books but love good old paper books for my quilting books

  65. I am old fashioned an like books printed

  66. I much prefer printed books. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway

  67. A fun giveaway, thank you. I love printed books! Merry Christmas.

  68. I have very mixed feelings on it. I love ebooks, but with sewing/craft books sometimes I don’t read “front to back” so I prefer printed (my real choice is for crafting books to have BOTH)

  69. Printed books

  70. I prefer printed books. Thank you for the chance to add to my collection.

  71. I always prefer a print book. Easier for me to find what I want and see the whole page at once. Thanks, Kathy

  72. When it comes to craft books, I really need them to be printed books. It’s too hard to reference an ebook when you’re at your sewing machine!

  73. If its a periodical like a magazine then e-book is great. Otherwise printed hard book is better especially if spiral bound and you can lay it flat. Awesome giveaway hope I win, Thanks!

  74. emmevon(at)gmail(dot)com
    I prefer printed books, but enjoying the portabliilty of crochet books in e-book format!

  75. I prefer printed and mainly bound…. thank you for asking

  76. I don’t mind an e pattern but I really like a printed book. Screens turn off after a minute or so of inactivity but books don’t turn off!

  77. Ebook – just because of storage.

  78. Printed. Which is odd because I’m a geek, but (1) I don’t like all the different formats/readers for the books….wish there were just one. (2) invariably, with quilting books, there is stuff I want to print out. (3) I can’t lend/give/resell and ebook

  79. I prefer printed books – I like the tactile feel, I like being able to flip pages and make notes or add sticky notes.

  80. I own hundreds of ebooks but will not consider one for any instructional text. Printed!

  81. Printed books and magazines are my preferred way of keeping them,

  82. printed books so I can keep them handy for reference.

  83. Printed books hands down. Ebooks are fine for novels or even text books but I need real pictures and paper I can touch for craft books. I don’t even like digital patterns.

  84. Printed books cause I like to actually flip through them and see it as a whole.

  85. I like having the actual book in front of me. It’s larger, and the colors seem more true.

  86. Printed books. Ebooks just don’t work for me. darktownstrutter at gmail dot com

  87. I like having the actual book. I don’t mind e patterns though.

  88. Printed books. I like having them as hands on references for years to come. Thanks for the giveaway!

  89. I still prefer a printed book… only because I don’t want to squeeze my laptop onto my cutting table…

  90. Printed books all the time. I like to read them anywhere and generally they have a larger page than any ebook reader.

  91. Print books always and forever!

  92. Printed books are the best! Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. I love printed ONLY. Thank you!

  94. I prefer the printed book , much easier to refer back to. Thanks for the chance .

  95. I prefer printed books!

    wigglypup2 at yahoo dot com

  96. I prefer printed book.

  97. I prefer printed books. There is nothing like just being able to go look at it and hold it in your hands whenever you want.

  98. I love printed books over e books hands down. Nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands or the smell of the pages. I have a nook I received as a gift a few yrs ago and have never really used it. I books actually books!

  99. I much prefer printed books. You can carry them anywhere and prop them up next to your workstation.

  100. I prefer printed books. I’ve purchased a few ebooks and usually forget they are in my computer. Love seeing the books right in front of me on the shelf and looking through them!

  101. Printed, absolutely. Thanks for the chance!

  102. I do like ebooks, but if it’s tutorials I print them anyway, so it goes either way 😉
    Thanks for the chance!!

  103. I much prefer printed books. I don’t think I’ve ever bought an e-craft book. There are just nuances to books with images that you can hold and turn and return to over and over.

  104. I prefer printed books

  105. Always printed books for me!

  106. I prefer printed books, because I’ve had several disappointing experiences in trying to purchase and use ebooks. Too bad, because my book collection keeps growing and growing…

  107. I prefer printed books. I like being able to look at when I want and carry it with me. So much easier than using an ebook.

  108. I actually Purchased both but won’t buy ebooks on quilting again. It is just so much easier to have a book out when your quilting.

  109. I like printed books, no question. Especially when it is crafty things. It’s so much easier to have the pattern in your hand. And I REALLY hope I win this one! I took a Leah Day Craftsy class and would love her book since I am always stumped on FMQ designs!

  110. If I’m paying for it, I want a print book.

  111. I definitely like printed books. They are much easier to write in and trace from. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  112. I prefer printed books. Especially for instructional or reference type books. Merry Christmas from Oklahoma, USA. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  113. I prefer printed books. I love the pictures, and I tend to read and re-read my favorites. If it is a mega-favorite, I sometimes highlight important (to me) passages, and I leave bookmarks here and there like a trail of bread crumbs to help me find special sections. Happy holidays!

  114. Printed always. I love to be able to look through the books as I need to, especially is they contain techniques or how-tos. If I make something from a book, I like to be able to jot down any shortcuts I took or challenges I faced and whether I like the item or not.

  115. I prefer printed books because it is really difficult to read e-books in the bathtub.

  116. I love the printed books. Easier to flip around for reference, & I love the pictures.

  117. Print, because i like to hold a book when it comes to sewing things

  118. I prefer printed books. Better to flip through for inspiration and use templates from. Thanks for the chance!

  119. I’m partial to printed when it comes to books…. For patterns – I’m normally OK with electronic. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  120. I’m a traditionalist– I love actual printed books. Desi–

  121. I much prefer printed books, and I would love to win that Leah Day FMQ book!

  122. Printed books. They are much more likely to be sitting around the house, waiting for me to find them for some accidental inspiration.

  123. I love printed! There’s something about touching the book and flipping the pages. I’ve had these books in my Amazon cart for a really long time. Would love to add one to my shelf to celebrate starting my new long arm business!

  124. printed for sure!

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